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What are Legacy NFT’s

The Legacy NFT represents an in-game character with distinct attributes utilized for advancing in the Legacy Academy. Each achievement in the game directly impacts your NFT.

Project size

2000 NFTs

Immerse yourself in The Legacy Tribes’’ a mesmerising collection of 2000 one-of-a-kind NFT’s.

Number of attributes

5 Tribes

The Legacy Tribes bring together the rich heritage of five distinct tribes, each contributing it’s unique attributes to the extraordinary collection.

Token type


Each one is securely stored on the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring your ownership is verifiable and immutable.


Our NFT Utilities

Essential features of the Legacy NFT.

Reward distribution

Unlock NFT’s that symbolise your personal growth milestones making your journey tangible.

Networking opportunities

With NFT’s, you will access exclusive events and connect with like-minded peers for personal growth.

In-game charatcer

Personalise your In-app character with unique NFT’s, reflecting your journey’s evolution and achievements as you grow.

Exclusive App Access

NFT’s grant you special privileges within the app, offering early access to premium content, tools and resources for your journey

Exclusive benefits in our ecosystem

Get complimentary access to our extensive personal development ecosystem, enriching your experience without extra cost

Higher play-to-earn reward

Grow while you earn valuable rewards simply by enjoying your favourite games.

How to Acquire a Legacy NFT

Here are ways to tap into the power of legacy NFT’s

Join the tribe

Join our community and share value. Complete community challenges and foster a sense of team work and camaraderie among your tribe.

NFT Mint

Carefully handpicked community members that have fulfilled the requirements will be eligible to mint. Find out more info about the mint in our discord.

Secondary Marketplace

Once the NFT is released you can acquire them on secondary markets. On Opensea you can browse, buy, and trade our NFTs with other players and collectors.

Join your Tribe

You're in control, with the power to influence the ongoing evolution of Self-development.

Viking Tribe
Viking Tribe

Viking Tribe

Vikings, renowned as Norse warriors, were not only fierce fighters but also skilled traders, craftsmen, and farmers

Egyptian Tribe
Egyptian Tribe

Egyptian Tribe

The ancient Egyptians were a deeply spiritual people, and their beliefs were a major part of their culture

Aztec Tribe
Aztec Tribe

Aztec Tribe

They were renowned for their sophisticated culture and their remarkable achievements in architecture, art, and astronomy. They also had a complex social structure and a powerful military

African Tribe
African Tribe

African Tribe

Ancient African tribes were known for their many diverse cultures, customs, and languages. They developed various forms of art, architecture, and spiritual practices that have been passed down from generation to generation

Greek Tribe
Greek Tribe

Greek Tribe

Ancient Greek heroes were brave, persevering, and able to adapt to any intense situation. In addition, Greek philosophers had a great influence on today's society, science, and politics

Frequently asked questions

Common questions and answers about NFTs and our platform

Are NFTs transferable?

Yes they are.

What happens if I lose my NFT?

Your NFT is self-custodial, so you have the privilege to have responsibility over your assets.

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