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Redefining Success: One Goal at a Time

Take your personal development journey to new heights with this groundbreaking approach

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Interactive personal development games

Enhance your personal and professional development skills one quest at a time, all while having fun learning.

Rewards after each successful module

Completing modules brings exciting rewards, including Legacy tokens ($LGCT). Learning becomes both enjoyable and rewarding.

Grow with our tribe

Connect with like-minded individuals to share experiences, insights, and don't miss the chance to flaunt your avatar. Join the tribe

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  • Business Mindset

  • Health

  • Relationship

  • Negotiation

Business Mindset

Cultivating The Right Attitude For Growth

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Lesson 1: What is a Business Mindset?


In the fast-paced world of business, success isn't just about skills; it's also about how you think. The business mindset involves setting clear goals, taking smart risks, adapting to changes, and always looking for opportunities to grow. For instance, it's like testing the waters before opening a new restaurant in a different city or creating eco-friendly gadgets when you notice people want them. It's about being flexible, having clear plans, and always being on the lookout for chances to make things better and more successful.

Lesson 1 of 1

Lesson 1 / 3

  • Lesson 1: What is a Business Mindset?
  • Lesson 2: Key Principles of a Business Mindset
  • Lesson 3: The Evolution of Business Mindset
  • Quiz

Legacy Academy

Our structured education app consists of a level-reward system: better performance, better rewards. Walk-in novice, walk-out as the best version of yourself!

Vault of modules

Carefully crafted modules. Each module is a part of a chronological series of lessons and quests that aim to bring out a better version of you.

Play and Learn

Our lessons are thoughtfully curated, presenting key concepts through a blend of informative text, captivating visuals, and practical tasks.

Complete the Quiz

At the end of each module, answer questions to check if you have grasped the key takeaways. Re-take the challenge to understand better and move along to the next.

Receive Rewards

Winners are made and rewarded at Legacy Academy. After your complete and win quests, you are rewarded exciting collectibles and Legacy Tokens (LGCT).

Here's What You're Gonna Get Inside Each Program...

Select a module

Skill Specific

Topic Specific


Master of Time

Mastering Time Management and Productivity


Holistic Hustle

Balanced Mastery: Achieving Wholeness and Success


Sculpting a Leader

Leadership & Team Building: Crafting a Mark that Inspires


Win-Win Wizardry

Utilize the "win-win" approach to resolve conflicts

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Legacy Wallet

A Revolutionary Non-Custodial Multi-Chain Wallet that enables users to manage their assets in an easier way than before

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Legacy Token

LGCT is the key currency within the Legacy ecosystem, facilitating the exchange of items and services and serving as the connecting link across the network for blockchain transactions.

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Legacy NFT

The Legacy Network NFT offers in-game characters with unique features. Five tribes hold the legacy, each with distinct animations, face props, armor, colors, and character traits.

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Join us as we set forth on a transformative path towards a future filled with boundless opportunities.

Phase 1

Q3 2022

  • Pre-production of social-media content for the next months
  • Token smart contract development for all 4 blockchains
  • Wallet concept and user interface finished
  • Token smart contracts first security audit
Phase 2

Q3 2022

  • Announcement of new utilities
  • Launch of our new website
  • Alpha testing of the wallet
  • Expansion of our teams
Phase 3

Q4 2022

  • Start of intensive community building along with events
  • Attending several blockchain events around the globe
  • Launch of our blog / documentation page
  • Start of the first social-media campaign
  • Opening of our community channels
Phase 4

Q4 2022

  • LGCT listing on the SafeSwap multi-chain bridge
  • Token deployment on the blockchains
  • Security audits of all smart contracts
  • Beta testing of the Legacy Wallet
Phase 5

Q1 2023

  • Legacy Wallet release for IOS and Android
  • Pre-listing on coinmarketcap
  • Start of our web-based giveaway and referral program
Phase 6

Q2 2023

  • Introduction of new App-Features
  • Completion of the Legacy Launchpad
  • Public sale start
Phase 7
In Progress

Q3 & Q4 2023

  • Major Legacy Wallet update
  • Legacy Academy Beta testing
  • Launch of the Legacy Discord Channel
  • Launch of the Legacy Community Board
Phase 8
In Progress

Q1 2024

  • End of the Giveaway
  • Legacy Academy launch
  • LGCT listing on a centralized exchange
  • Ambassador Program for the Legacy Academy
  • Legacy NFT Announcement

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