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We are Live!

We are so excited to finally be able to launch our ICO after all of the hard work and preparation that has gone into it.

Who are we?

Legacy is a technology company focused on building a digital ecosystem designed to educate and empower.

Our aim is to challenge users, through an interactive game-based journey, and enhance their mental clarity, awareness & overall well-being. We aim to provide them with the tools & knowledge they need to bolster productivity.

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The world's most innovative personal development app

  • Connect with like-minded people and create your own legacy
  • Receive individual quests for your personal growth
  • Learn about the things school didn't teach you
  • Playfully improve all areas of your life
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We are so excited to announce the launch our ICO. Our vision is to create a brighter future through personal development, and we are excited to see how this exciting opportunity will unfold. With this ICO, we aim to provide promising features that will contribute to making the world a better place.

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Our Products

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The Legacy app is a personal growth academy which offers a new approach to learning. By combining structured modules with gamification elements and social functions, we incentive users to improve their lives on a daily basis and to have fun while doing so.

Users can choose between various modules which armor them with the necessary knowledge and habits to improve all important areas of their life such as: Mental health, physical health, platonic relationships, romantic relationships, finance and much more.

Each module comes with its own level-system. Users collect experience points and reward chests as they successfully progress along their journey. For each new milestone achieved, new, exciting features are being unlocked.

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What is Personal Development?

Personal development refers to the process of improving your skills, knowledge, mindset, habits and abilities in order to grow as an individual.

  • Having a clear understanding of your thoughts, feelings, values, and behaviors, and how they impact yourself and others.
  • Personal growth refers to the continuous process of learning and improving yourself, both personally and professionally. This involves setting and achieving goals, learning new habits and expanding your skills.
  • Having a sense of purpose and direction that you derive your values, goals, and passions from. Finding and pursuing your purpose and meaning can bring a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction to your life.
Personal Development
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Select a Module

You can choose between modules to learn different topics. Each module is structured chronologically, enabling you to build knowledge step-by-step and create a strong foundation for your future growth.

Play Through a Lesson

Each topic is broken down into Chapters & Lessons. Every lesson focuses on a distinct concept and contains text, visual elements, and a practical task to complete.

Complete the Quiz

At the end of each module, you will answer questions to check if you have grasped the key takeaways. This repetition helps you to retain the information.

Earn Rewards

If the quiz is passed successfully, reward chests are being distributed. Chests can include Legacy tokens, collectibles and other items which can either be traded or reused within the ecosystem.

Our Roadmap

Phase 1Q3 2022
  • Pre-production of social-media content for the next months
  • Token smart contract development for all 4 blockchains
  • Wallet concept and user interface finished
  • Token smart contracts first security audit
Phase 2Q3 2022
  • Announcement of new utilities
  • Launch of our new website
  • Alpha testing of the wallet
  • Expansion of our teams
Phase 3Q4 2022
  • Start of intensive community building along with events
  • Attending several blockchain events around the globe
  • Launch of our blog / documentation page
  • Start of the first social-media campaign
  • Opening of our community channels
Phase 4Q4 2022
  • LGCT listing on the SafeSwap multi-chain bridge
  • Token deployment on the blockchains
  • Security audits of all smart contracts
  • Beta testing of the Legacy Wallet
Phase 5Q1 2023
  • Start of our web-based giveaway and referral program
  • Start of our YouTube channel
  • Legacy Wallet release for IOS and Android
  • Launch of the community web-board
  • Launch of the partners web-board
  • Pre-listing on coinmarketcap
Phase 6Q1 2023
  • Beta testing of the Legacy app
  • Public sale start
Phase 7Q2 2023
  • Legacy NFT mint
  • Launch of the first version of the Legacy app
  • Introduction of new App-Features
  • End of the web-based giveaway
  • Introduction of new Roadmap
  • To be continued

Our Partners

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