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Redefining the Legacy Ecosystem

Your All-in-One Solution for utility and Payments

What is LGCT?

LGCT serves as the fundamental unit of account within the Legacy ecosystem and functions as the primary medium of exchange for all items and services. It acts as the cohesive currency connecting the entire Legacy Network ecosystem, facilitating various transaction and application scenarios on the blockchain




Vechain | Ethereum | Binance Smart Chain | Polygon

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What is LGCT used for?

With LGCT, you get access to our ecosystem. You can obtain it through the Legacy academy or the open market. Use it as a payment method within our app. LGCT is both a utility token and an in-app currency.

Access to products and services

The Legacy Token (LGCT) serves as the main payment method for subscriptions and purchases within our ecosystem.

Legacy Academy

Users will be rewarded for completing quizzes and challenges. LGCT plays a key role in promoting growth on the platform.

Stake your LGCT for more benefits

In future, users will be able to perform certain actions within the social part of our ecosystem and earn rewards for doing so.

Business to business utility

The Legacy Token (LGCT) will be needed to access our B2B services which will benefit the community.

Token Allocation

How Tokens Are Shared in the Ecosystem.

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Will be used as Exchange Liquidity and for our Play to Earn & Staking Pools


Token sale

20% of our Token supply is reserved for the Private and Public Sale



Reserve for further development of the company



Rewards for our amazing team members


Community & Marketing

For different marketing and community activites


Advisors & Partners

Rewards for people who helped us along the way

Practical Applications of LGCT When It's Not Tied to Market conditions

LGCT stays strong in bear markets, detached from market swings, thanks to valuable non-crypto utilities accessible only with LGCT.

  • Subscribers make payments with Legacy Tokens (LGCT)
  • Our utility remains in demand even during bear markets.
  • Staking Rewards - Exclusive Perks for Dedicated Supporters
  • Legacy tokens are used for all in-app purchases.
  • We're always evolving, stay tuned for exciting updates!

Subscription Distribution

By expanding subscriptions, we create buying pressure on the token, potentially leading to a lasting increase in its price. Each subscription is paid with tokens, and after purchase, the tokens are divided into the following shares:



LGCTs flowing back into a company-owned wallet to support operational expenses and fuel continued development and growth of the Legacy Network ecosystem.



Similar to the play-to-earn pool, the staking pool relies on liquidity contributed by our existing users.



Allocating LGCTs to NFT holders as an extra NFT benefit



A significant portion of LGCTs from in-app subscriptions undergo automatic burning, rendering LGCT a deflationary asset.


P2E Pool

Returning LGCTs to the play-to-earn pool ensures consistent liquidity.

Why you should stake LGCT?

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    Earn Rewards

    Stake LGCT for 6, 12, or 24 months, during which you can't sell. You'll receive a monthly percentage that can be sold or reinvested for a potentially high APY.

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    Higher APY

    Users can compound their rewards for a potentially higher Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

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    Liquidity Support

    Staking contributes to the liquidity of the ecosystem, helping to maintain a healthy and stable network.

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    Staked tokens are often more secure, as they are not readily available for trading, reducing the risk of market fluctuations.

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    Economic Incentives

    It aligns the interests of users with the project's growth and development, as they benefit from its success.

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    Network Security

    Staked tokens can enhance network security, contributing to the overall stability and reliability of the platform.

How to stake?


How to stake?

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    Get Legacy Token

    Acquiring Legacy Token (LGCT) is possible through our ecosystem, participating in raffles, or purchasing them on the open market, either through public or private sales.

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    Freeze your tokens in the wallet

    As an early supporter, you have the opportunity to lock your Legacy Tokens (LGCT) for 6, 12, or 24 months using the Staking feature in the wallet.

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    Get rewarded

    Profit from staking rewards.