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Legacy Token

a multichain utility & payment token

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What is Legacy Token (LGCT)?

Legacy Token (LGCT) is a multichain utility and payment token which allows users to get the most out of the Legacy Network ecosystem.

NameLegacy Token
BlockchainVechain | Ethereum | Binance Smart Chain | Polygon
Max Supply720,000,000

Token Utility

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Business to business utility

The Legacy Token (LGCT) will be needed to access our B2B services which will benefit the community.

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Contributing to our ecosystem

In future, users will be able to perform certain actions within the social part of our ecosystem and to earn rewards for doing so.

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Get rewarded for learning

Our goal is to make education as playful and entertaining as possible. We aim to take advantage of a gamified approach to learning.

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Access to products and services

The Legacy Token (LGCT) serves as the main payment method for subscriptions and purchases within our ecosystem. This allows us to create automatisms such as redistributions and to act independently of third-party providers.

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Stake your Legacy Token (LGCT) for more benefits

Staking your Legacy Token (LGCT) will grant you additional benefits such as staking rewards, airdrops, whitelist spots, discounts and access to exclusive services.

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More about to come

We haven't even started yet! Our goal is to create as much value for our community as possible. For this reason, new, exciting features will be announced on a regular basis.

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Token Allocation

Exchange liquidityPlay to earn poolStaking pool
20%Token Sale
Private salePublic sale
Reserve for further development
Rewards for our amazing team members
10%Community & Marketing
Community eventsMarketing dealsRaffles
5%Advisors & Partners
Rewards for people who helped us along the way

A real utility token depegged from the market

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Subscribers pay in Legacy Token (LGCT).
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In-app purchases

All in-app purchases are paid in Legacy Token (LGCT).
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Staking rewards

Exclusive benefits for long-term believers.
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Constant demand utility

The demand for our utility doesn't decrease in a bear-market.
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More in future

More exciting features will be announced on a regular basis!

A defined real utility token is depegged from on-going market conditions and shouldn't necessarily crash in a bear market. For this reason we aim to create a token with constant, non-speculative buy side pressure. We achieve this by offering several attractive utilities which aren't directly related to the crypto industry. These utilities can only be accessed by using Legacy Token (LGCT) and the demand for them stays the same or even grows within a bear market.

Subscription Token Distribution

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A big share of the Legacy Tokens (LGCT)s which are paid for in-app subscriptions get automatically burned which makes Legacy Token (LGCT) deflationary.

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Distribution of Legacy Token (LGCT)s to NFT holders as an additional NFT utility.

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P2E Pool10%

Backflow of Legacy Token (LGCT)s into the play to earn pool to make sure that it always has enough liquidity.

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Just like the play to earn pool, the staking pool also needs liquidity which is provided by existing users.

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Backflow of Legacy Tokens (LGCT)s into a company owned wallet to cover running costs and to grant further development and expansion of the Legacy Network ecosystem.

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How the staking works

Step 1

Get Legacy Token

You can get your hands on Legacy Token (LGCT) by using our ecosystem, by participating in raffles or by buying them on the open market, public or private sale.

Step 2

Freeze your tokens in the wallet

As an early adopter, you can stake your Legacy Token (LGCT)s for 6, 12 or 24 months in the Legacy wallet (coming soon).

Step 3

Get rewarded

Profit from staking rewards.

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Discover Our NFT

The Legacy NFT is an in-game character with a unique set of features. There are 5 different tribes that hold The Legacy. They come in different forms of animation, face props, armour, colour, and character traits. Each trait such as character, animation, face prop, etc. also has multiple tiers of rarity, resulting in unique and epic combinations for you to own!

Total NFTs TBA

Legendary NFTs TBA

African illustrationAztec illustrationEgyptian illustrationGreek illustrationViking illustration

The African

Ancient African tribes were known for their many diverse cultures, customs, and languages. They developed various forms of art, architecture, and spiritual practices that have been passed down from generation to generation. Additionally, ancient African tribes had complex relationships with their environment and relied heavily on subsistence farming and herding for sustenance.