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It’s hard, if not impossible, to build something alone. For this reason, we provide you all necessary tools to build a strong network of supportive and like-minded people.

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The Value of a Network

Having a great network is crucial when it comes to ones personal growth and success. Imagine to be surrounded by people who share the same values and are confronted with the same challenges like you. A network which has your back and provides you with knowledge, experience, connections, privileges and much more.

Increased Connectivity

A network allows you to establish connections with others and to access resources as well as information that would otherwise be unavailable.

Opportunities for Collaboration

Build mastermind groups with likeminded people, explore synergies and close valuable partnerships for a successful future.

Professional Growth

We become what we surround ourselves with. Being part of a positive and growth-oriented network will subconsciously influence and boost your growth.

Improved Knowledge

Knowledge is power. The better your source of information is, the better your decisions will be. Having a network of experienced and skilled individuals around you is highly benefitial in many ways.

Increased Confidence

Not being alone with your goals, believes and wishes provides you with the confidence you need to create the life you want.

Innovation Mindset

Being part of a diverse network gives you access to different perspectives. This will boost your consciousness and critical thinking ability, two skills which are crucial when it comes to understanding yourself and the world around you.

What is possible by joining the Legacy Network?

Join like-minded people

Networking with like-minded people promotes personal and professional growth and enhances social skills, leading to significant improvements in all areas.

Exchange Knowledge

Just share thoughts and knowledge with the community, share ideas and discuss things in our different channels.

Get Support

Get support from a base of active entrepreneurs and builders. Also support others with your knowledge and experience.

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Join the Elite

Join our elite board, an exclusive area for hand-picked individuals and early supporters of the Legacy Network ecosystem. Elite members get access to multiple valuable utilities which aren’t available anywhere else. Exchange resources with experts and high-achievers, close beneficial partnerships, get early access to new products or browse through the exclusive education area. Our elite board was specially created to enhance your Legacy Network experience by adding exclusivity and value.

Access Board

Coming Soon


Join the Community

Our community board is a web3 hub where the Legacy Network team and the community come together to shape the future. Members can submit their ideas, vote on future changes, participate in challenges and register for events. Furthermore, the dashboard comes with several integrations which allows member to access all relevant information about their assets and our progress in just on place.

Access Board

Coming Soon

Board Features

Our web-boards are designed to to take your experience to the next level. More exciting functions are being added on a regular basis.

DAO functions

Submitting ideas, voting on changes and strategies

Product testing

Getting access to the beta version of our products


Contributing to the ecosystem, participating in challenges and winning prizes

Bug reporting

Searching for- and reporting bugs which need to be fixed

Participate in our giveaway

Submitting suggestions and ideas directly to the team


Registering for exciting real life and online events