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The future of education

We answer three essential questions for the user


Here, the user is told a fact, for example, that healthy self-confidence is important for success in various areas of life. It is shown which areas of life are affected by the trait.


Subsequently, it is explained in detail why a healthy self-confidence is important. Understandable correlations are shown to create an “aha experience”.


In the last step, it is explained how exactly self-confidence is formed. Clear cause and reaction relationships are shown for the user to gain a deep understanding of the trait.

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Select a Module

You can choose between modules to learn different topics. Each module is structured chronologically, enabling you to build knowledge step-by-step and create a strong foundation for your future growth.

Play Through a Lesson

Each topic is broken down into Chapters & Lessons. Every lesson focuses on a distinct concept and contains text, visual elements, and a practical task to complete.

Complete the Quiz

At the end of each module, you will answer questions to check if you have grasped the key takeaways. This repetition helps you to retain the information.

Earn Rewards

If the quiz is passed successfully, reward chests are being distributed. Chests can include Legacy tokens, collectibles and other items which can either be traded or reused within the ecosystem.

The Process

Users are guided through a structured process that helps them build the routine & discipline required to achieve their goals

Understand the basics of PD.

  • Understand each pillar & what they mean
  • Learn what’s currently taught
  • Understand the overall PD space

Understand yourself

  • Understand your mind
  • What are your strengths & weaknesses
  • What are your goals
  • What is your dream/vision

Take action

  • Create your plan
  • Write down what matters
  • Set your goals
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Create a routine

  • Break tasks into smaller pieces
  • Be prepared
  • Randomised rewards

Build discipline

  • Journaling
  • Strict agenda / ToDo list
  • Don’t think, just do

Never stop learning

  • Build knowledge like layers
  • Keep an open mind
  • Learning 1 new thing each day

Your Benefits

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  • Get access to high quality content for your personal growth
  • Keep up your motivation thanks to our play to earn system
  • Profit from a fair and flexible subscription model
  • Test and deepen your new gained knowledge
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  • Receive individual quests and apply your learnings right away
  • Understand and fix what holds you back from taking action
  • Increase your capability and exceed your limits step by step
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  • Notice problems early and make the necessary adjustments
  • Enjoy to see your growth and the growth of your character
  • Keep track of your progress in the statistics area
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  • Connect with like-minded people who are on the same path
  • Exchange knowledge and ressources with your peers
  • Find your twins and build your own legacy
  • Participate in exciting events