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The future of personal development

We answer three essential questions for the user


Here, the user is told a fact, for example, that healthy self-confidence is important for success in various areas of life. It is shown which areas of life are affected by the trait.


Subsequently, it is explained in detail why a healthy self-confidence is important. Understandable correlations are shown to create an “aha experience”.


In the last step, it is explained how exactly self-confidence is formed. Clear cause and reaction relationships are shown for the user to gain a deep understanding of the trait.

What is mental health crisis?

A mental health crisis is any situation in which a person's actions, feelings, and behaviors can lead to them hurting themselves or others, and/or put them at risk of being unable to care for themselves or function in the community in a healthy manner.

More On Mental Health Crisis

Coming Soon

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Key Features of the Legacy Network App

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Education Area

In the education area of the app, the user can choose from various categories. Each category contains content, which can be text, video, animation, podcast (audio content) and other forms. Each category has its own level system. The AI uses targeted questions, user behavior, feedback app tracking and other parameters to decide how advanced the user already is and which content is relevant to them. This makes the system usable for everyone, whether beginner or professional. The content consists of both a theoretical and a practical part.

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Health Area

The health area of the final app version is expected to include the following features:

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Detailed sleep analysis

Duration of falling asleep, total sleep duration, quality of sleep, sounds during sleep, etc.

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Detailed nutritional analysis

Macro and micronutrients consumed, calories consumed, identification of deficiencies, individual goals, etc.

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Time Management & Routine Planning

Calendar, time and notification, routine overview and individual suggestions.

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The first artifical intelligence designed to analyze human behavior

Our artificial intelligence evaluates the collected information about the user and utilizes it to deliver individual and effective solutions. Over time, the AI turns into a personal coach which knows more about the user, than he knows about himself.

It will be able to find errors in a person's behavior, thinking and habit which lead to failure in certain important life areas. By systematically adjusting these things, the user will experience a great improvement in one's life quality.

Your Benefits

With a lot of powerful features, we guarantee simplity and clarity

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  • Get access to high quality content for your personal growth
  • Keep up your motivation thanks to our play to earn system
  • Profit from a fair and flexible subscription model
  • Test and deepen your new gained knowledge
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  • Connect with like-minded people who are on the same path
  • Exchange knowledge and ressources with your peers
  • Find your twins and build your own legacy
  • Participate in exciting events
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  • Receive individual quests and apply your learnings right away
  • Understand and fix what holds you back from taking action
  • Increase your capability and exceed your limits step by step
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  • Notice problems early and make the necessary adjustments
  • Enjoy to see your growth and the growth of your character
  • Keep track of your progress in the statistics area
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Legacy Wallet

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Manage your favorite cryptos in a secure non-custodial wallet. The legacy wallet allows you to easily hold, send and receive tokens on multiple blockchains. The private keys are stored locally on the device so you and only you have access to your funds. Browse through the NFT section to see all your collectibles safe in one place. Additionally, the wallet comes with a browser extension which grants you web-access to the exciting world of Web3.

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Data Protection

Part of our vision is to give people back control of their data. Legacy Network is the first technology company to use user’s data and psychology exclusively for them, not against them. Unlike various Big Data corporations, we will not monetize data and thus will not make our platforms available for serving ads. As we will not collect any personal data such as name or address, the user profiles cannot be assigned to a real person. A concrete data protection concept will be worked out during development together with experts.